Pampus: Dutch Shark Alarm

Client Company Name: Foundation Fortress Island Pampus
Brand Name: Foundation Fortress Island Pampus
Agency:Ogilvy Amsterdam
Category: Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social; Small budget campaign
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: Under €25,000
Country: Netherlands


Fortress Island Pampus. A tiny island in the Dutch Ijsselmeer (former Zuiderzee), located half an hour away from the port of Amsterdam. A monument on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and part of the historic Defence Line of Amsterdam. Unfortunately Pampus and its historical fortress had been facing a decline in visitors the last couple of years. In order to stay financially healthy, it was important for the Fortress Island Pampus Foundation to reverse this decline.

Our main target group, families with children in the region, used to find their way to Pampus. But the competition in the region has increased; adventure parks, museums, sport attractions, and more. As Pampus had become slightly old-fashioned and our target group had become more and more spoiled, Pampus obviously wasn't top of mind anymore. But, without enough visitors the Pampus Foundation wouldn't be able to maintain this historical heritage in the future. Changes had to be made. Therefore on July 16, 2011 Pampus opened its renewed visitor centre, offering visitors a more engaging 'experience'. But with no budget left for a paid media campaign, something extraordinary had to happen to draw the public's attention again. So we created 'the Pampus Shark'.