This year, next year: The digital media landscape in 2013

This Year Next Year: Interaction 2013

Welcome to This Year Next Year Interaction 2013, our commentary on the current state of the digital media landscape. We write primarily for the benefit of the world's largest marketers. This is not intended to be an audit of the past year's events, but a perspective on the changes that affect all our businesses.

Our 2012 report focused on social media and the related changes in both marketing strategy and corporate behavior. This year our emphasis is on the current state and near future of video distribution and consumption. To create a balanced view we have consulted colleagues in China, North America, Latin America, India, Australia, the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

What emerge are more commonalities than differences and a general sense that the world is becoming more digitally analogous every year.

A year of milestones and a flat(ter) world