Mayflower: Art of Absorption

Campaign details

Brand Owner: Mayflower
Agency: Publicis Shanghai
Brand: Mayflower
Country: China
Industry: Household & Domestic
Channels Used: Live Event, PR, viral, word-of-mouth

Executive Summary

A late entry into a category whose ads tended to focus on product benefits, Mayflower broke with convention and got attention via a live event that demonstrated the toilet paper brand in an imaginative way. A calligrapher painted directly onto rolls of the toilet paper, an event that achieved mass PR coverage – and even influenced Mayflower's packaging.

Campaign background

Mayflower, a toilet paper brand in China, faced a challenge: with this category, there's nothing you don't already know.

Within the category, Mayflower's competitors tended to focus on their products' "wet strength" – in other words, whether or not the paper holds together when it gets wet. They took this approach on the assumption that this is what the consumer cares about.