Lowdown: Connected TV

Chris Jefford
Saint @ RKCR/Y&R

There is an interesting fact about the world of connected television. Out of the 1.4 million sold in the UK last year, only 20% of people actually went to the bother of connecting it.

Whether this is a result of technophobia or a lack of perceived benefit, what is true is that the Age of the Connected TV is dawning, and with it come lots of new opportunities for advertisers.

Connected TVs hope to bridge the gap between traditional TV viewing and the content-on-demand world of the internet. Using an Ethernet connection, connected TVs can be plugged into your home internet connection to give your TV an interactive power boost and open up a world of TV apps, widgets, augmented experiences and on-demand programming.

Are we talking here of that much heralded world of media convergence? Where TV meets the internet, a union of media superpowers forming an unstoppable on-demand infotainment device the likes of which have until now only been found in the Utopian dreams of wistful tech and marketing geeks alike?