Finnair: Local Heroes

SEK & Grey Oy

The Local Heroes campaign made Finnair one of the most preferred airlines from Europe to Asia in Manchester and Düsseldorf.

Flying the short northern route, via Helsinki, Finnair’s commercial strategy focuses on business travel between Europe and Asia. Finnair’s competitive advantage is especially relevant for people traveling from cities in Europe that don’t have direct flights to Asia.

The challenges were to get Finnair noticed and remembered by people who frequently fly to Asia on their preferred airline; to build credibility for an unfamiliar airline from Finland and ultimately get Finnair on their consideration list; and do all this with a fraction of the budget of the competitors.

The starting point was challenging, as before the campaign Finnair was poorly known by the C-level business audience. According to the target group surveys in Manchester and Düsseldorf, Finnair’s spontaneous awareness, preference and consideration were 0%.