Engaging millennials – insight from Clear Channel

Matthew Carlton

One of the themes to emerge at Advertising Week Europe was the importance of understanding the youth market and ways for brands to connect with them. Several sessions dealt with young consumers – termed Generation Y, Millennials and 'Ngens', amongst other names. They are seen as a lucrative yet elusive market for brands, partly because they are a difficult group to understand.

One of the first sessions to cover this topic was 'How to find, engage and grow an audience of 18-24s who care about your brand', presented by James Eder, Founder of Student Beans, a company that specialises in marketing to university students. It highlighted key data around students' behaviour and preferences, suggesting that this age bracket are not as different as you may have been led to believe.

For example, offering discounts is a great way to engage this audience, with 89% looking at brands more favourably if they help them in this way. In fact young people cite not giving discounts as the biggest mistake a brand can make when trying to engage with them, closely followed by 'trying to act cool'.