American Industry Overview: Women's Full-Length and Knee-Length Hosiery

This industry category includes establishments primarily engaged in knitting, dyeing, or finishing women's and misses' full-length and knee-length hosiery (except socks), both seamless and full-fashion, and pantyhose.

Approximately 130 establishments were engaged in the production of women's full-length and knee-length hosiery in the late 2000s, 53 of which were in North Carolina. Alabama, New York, and California also had relatively large concentrations of businesses in this industry. About 6,500 people were employed in the industry, and a majority of businesses had more than 100 employees. North Carolina was second in terms of revenue, after Pennsylvania.

Most women's hosiery products are made of textured nylon and produced on small-diameter knitting machines. The processes involved in production of the goods covered by this category include: production of POY (partially oriented yarn) nylon filament by fiber producers, texturizing (or texturing) the nylon filament, knitting the filament nylon into the hosiery product, boarding the hosiery to obtain proper size and shape, and finishing the hosiery products and packaging them. Texturing of the nylon hosiery yarn is covered in SIC 2282: Yarn Texturizing, Throwing, Twisting, and Winding Mills.