Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Authors: Jane Dorsett and Mike Teasdale

bronze award

BT Retail Bringing People Together

Share defence with a big 'D'



We've all read IPA papers about defending market share and no doubt we'll read more in the future. But this paper is the mother of all share defence stories. It's about how the Bringing People Together campaign has protected BT fixed line voice minutes.

Protecting BT fixed line voice minutes must rank as one of the most unforgiving of marketing tasks. Everything is against you.

The competitive threat against you is enormous and multiheaded. As the former Chairman of BT once said 'You can be a very big shark in your market place but it's the piranhas that will take you apart'. BT face competition from specialty service providers like resellers, from substitution service providers like mobile, and from full service value added providers like cable. On all fronts BT is nibbled at.