Opportunities To Leverage The Census For Research And Marketing

Barry Leventhal
Corrine Moy
NOP World


The decennial UK Census represents a valuable source of data to all researchers. It provides a unique profile of the population at a level of geographic detail far beyond anything available from commercial or other government surveys. As such, it is the single most important demographic resource for informing survey research in this country. The 2001 Census will refresh this information source as its results are released in tranches throughout 2003.

In order to understand the opportunities arising from the Census, we will first discuss the new developments that were introduced for 2001, and these are summarised in the following section. This latest Census has seen a number of groundbreaking developments, in both the collection and processing of the data. The Office for National Statistics spent the inter-censal period between 1991 and 2001 reviewing its processes and assessing the changing needs of the main Census data users.