Inside the content marketing revolution: Facebook, MediaCom and Mixcloud at the CMA Summit 2013

Joseph Clift

The hype surrounding content marketing – a catch-all phrase referring to marketing messages that come in the form of editorial content rather than ads – is ever-increasing. Some industry-watchers have even suggested that brands should invest in content as a preferable alternative to above-the-line advertising, which would represent a revolution in the way marketing budgets are set.

Attendees at the Content Marketing Summit, organised by UK trade body the Content Marketing Association (CMA) and held in London in November 2013, received a comprehensive rundown of the main trends at work in this rapidly-growing market, as well as some hard stats concerning how marketers really view the channel.

The main issues discussed by the day's presenters included the need to integrate traditional and digital content marketing with other communications channels, the status of content as a brand-building tool rather than a driver of direct sales, and some of content marketing's frequent shortcomings.

Content marketing in numbers