Advertising across Platforms: Conditions for Multimedia Campaigns - A Method for Determining Optimal Media Investment and Creative Strategies across Platforms

Jasper Snyder and Manuel Garcia-Garcia

Advertising Research Foundation

Editors' Note

In the September issue of the Journal of Advertising Research, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) introduced its "How Advertising Works" research initiative (Stipp, 2016), which combines original experiments with outside research. The goal: to offer practical guidance for improving advertising effectiveness - and the return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend - in an increasingly complex, multimedia world. In the pages that follow, we offer the first of a series that explores the methodology of the latest investigations of cross-platform advertising effectiveness. Here, ARF executive researchers Jasper Snyder and Manuel Garcia-Garcia describe their study of the conditions under which inserting multiple platforms in a campaign leads to specific advertising effects. The evidence overwhelmingly points to higher ROI from advertising on multiple platforms than advertising on a single platform only, with the most powerful results coming from reinforcing television with digital strategies. Next on their agenda: understanding the creative drivers that make an execution successful in mobile platforms.