Question everything

Molly Flatt

The man sitting before me was impressive, articulate and intelligent, in a discreet Armani coat. He made films, and after years working in the industry, he knew his audience inside out. His very business lay in understanding their emotions and drives, in working out what would make them tick.

Yet here he was, spouting a stream of nonsense. “They'll love that ... They don't use that ... I can't reach them there ... They're always sharing this ...”

What is it about social media that makes otherwise sane, nay sharp, business folk reluctant to examine their assumptions, let alone employ a dash of common sense?

There's a wealth of research about how people use these tools, and anyone who plays with them for a few hours can quickly get a sense of what their currency and community culture are. But these two essential steps for anyone wanting to harness the space-research, and immersion – are overlooked surprisingly regularly.