10 trends in media investment

Christian Schmalzl

If you were hoping media might stand still, think again. Christian Schmalzl explains why media agencies, advertisers and media owners will have to make radical changes to the way they do business

It's all change for media. New technology and new platforms, consolidation of media ownership and changes to the way advertisers work mean that the way we do business will be transformed. These changes will highlight the importance of media investment strategy. Making sure you spend your money effectively has never been more challenging, but the rewards for getting it right have never been greater.

Brands that mix traditional and new media appropriately will benefit from a lower cost per impact. New trading models will allow them to pay only for the messages that do deliver leads, sales, or other desired changes in consumer behaviour.

Media owners will have to offer easy ways to test new publications or digital products. Only the very biggest will continue to be able to do business on the same terms as they do today.