O2/Nuala Donnelly: Up at the O2



O2's sponsorship of the O2 is not just an experience, it's a chance to prove brand promises and let people experience what the brand stands for. It allows O2 to use the magic of live entertainment to build an emotional connection with customers and prospects.

However, after heavy investment, brand blackout during London 2012 created a problem for O2 – the venue was to be renamed 'The North Greenwich Arena' at a time when all eyes were on London.

With entertainment and experience at the heart of the brand, O2 wanted a way to maintain brand fame and credit for their hero sponsorship during one of the most important cultural and entertaining times in the capital.

The answer was at the O2's doorstep, or technically the roof of the venue. O2 and AEG were able to develop a new rooftop experience that would not be subject to the same LOCOG restrictions on sponsorship.