Launching EE and 4G

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The team

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How did the campaign make a difference?

This campaign combined the launch of the EE brand with the launch of the new 4G internet. Everything from DM to retail experiences enabled the audience to interact with EE and 4G. After just three months awareness was second in the market and after 10 months EE had 1 million 4G customers, the fastest 4G take-up in Europe.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

EE had multiple business challenges at launch: to launch a new brand; to launch a new technology (4G); to differentiate against four established brands; and to acquire, in a category where customers are typically locked into contracts for 18 months. This campaign succeeded by reducing that complexity to two essential elements: start with the core product feature, "4G's the fastest mobile internet in the UK" and make it relevant to what people actually want to do with their mobiles. And give the new brand a warmth and humour that stands out. The message: "whatever you want to do, having the fastest mobile internet means that now you can," was applied to all touchpoints, not just communications but people and places too. Which meant refitting 700 stores, equipping 300 salespeople, engaging with 3,000 partners and retailers, talking to 27 million existing customers (Orange and T-Mobile), and focusing on business customers as well as consumers. This multi-channel, multi-audience campaign included consumer device advertising, digital brand advertising, retention and acquisition direct and digital communications, retail events, apps, publications and short films. All in 90 days.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?