Slim Jim: Man Medicine

Venables, Bell & Partners

Business situation and campaign objectives

Teenage boys had long been Slim Jim's core consumer. In fact, by 2010 teens accounted for the majority of Slim Jim consumption (NPD). Furthermore, teenage guys had a favorable opinion of the Slim Jim brand, found it socially appealing and craved the product (Slim Jim A&U 2010). However, despite Slim Jim appeal among teenage guys, consumption dropped off once they turned 18. In 2011, Slim Jim sought to grow from a brand heavily entrenched among teenage boys (ages 12-17) to one that could also attract young adult guys (ages 18-29).

Successfully extending the brand relevance and communication to young adult guys would represent significant business potential. Moreover, the drop-off in consumption Slim Jim was experiencing wasn't a category norm. In general, snacking declines when guys become young adults compared to their early teen years, however, competitive brands, such as Jack Links, Doritos, Cheetos and Pringles, weren't seeing the same levels of abandonment (NPD).