IKEA Kitchens: Quality tested by everyday life

Hjaltelin, Stahl & Co


IKEA is known as a furniture store, but they have never been regarded as a sound supplier of kitchens. In just a year, this has been radically changed so that IKEA today competes with the big kitchen companies.

To reach this position, we developed a completely new universe and formulated a communication strategy that changed consumers’ quality perception - both in relation to IKEA, but also of the relationship between price and quality.

During the process, we have constantly worked to optimize the communication through sales modelling and various assessment tools. In this way, we have lifted both sales and market shares, while improving consumer perception of quality which has been the cornerstone for IKEA's success with kitchens.

Insights into IKEA's target audience showed that quality was paramount when shopping for kitchens, but that the low cost induced scepticism among consumers. Additionally, although the kitchen was increasingly being regarded, as the most vital part of the home, consumers were cautious in making large investments into renovation or new purchases due to the ramifications of the financial crisis on household budgets.