EXIT Deutschland: The Trojan t-shirt

Niklas Wecker
Grabarz & Partner Germany


EXIT-Deutschland is a small initiative that helps right-wingers who want to drop out of "the scene" by giving them new opportunities for an after-life. The initiative relies on private donations and has to prove its relevance regularly.

The challenge was to find new occasions to spread the EXIT name and get in discourse with the neo-Nazis and the public.

To get the EXIT message across we developed 250 T-shirts bearing the rightist slogan "Hardcore rebels. National and free". We used an assumed identity to supply the shirts to the organisers of Europe's biggest right-wing rock festival, who then distributed them among festival-goers.

But a surprise awaited the rightists back home. The "Trojan" idea: we had primed the shirts with a print that washed off. After the first laundry they said "If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We can help you to get free of right-wing extremism. EXIT-Deutschland".