Keeping up with Generation A : Two current mobile trends - dual screening and clickable things

Scott Seaborn

There's plenty of speculation on where technology may be taking us in the future (see my related article on Four Tech Trends - and What They Mean for Marketers). But there are two significant mobile trends that are happening right now, pretty much everywhere in the world: 'dual-screening' and what could be called 'clickable things'. How should brands be responding?

Dual screening

Dual-screening has been going on for a long time. One could argue that it dates back to days of black-and-white TV when people would chat on the phone while watching a show. With the rise of connected devices, we have seen a huge increase in internet searches driven by TV. Google has published plenty of data showing huge spikes in search terms during popular TV shows or ads. A Razorfish study shows that today, 80% of respondents are mobile multitasking while watching TV.