Fan-first sports platforms

Anna Dalziel
Momentum Worldwide

A new global study has found that most sports fans would be receptive to increased levels of sports sponsorship if brands were to act more like fans themselves, enhancing the fan experience of shared loyalties and passions and making meaningful connections.

Sports Marketing

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We recently conducted global research examining the new dynamics of fan relationships, and how those dynamics can be leveraged for brand trust, health and value.

The research found that sports fans overwhelmingly (83%) feel that sponsors do not consider the fans when making sponsorship deals with sports players or sports teams. However, 88% of fans believe that sponsors can create new opportunities for their favourite sports and teams, and 86% would not object to seeing even more sponsorship in sports. This means brands have an opportunity to engage with fans via their favourite sport, while making a meaningful connection, above and beyond the current wave of sponsorships and associations. Let's take a closer look at the new dynamics of effective sports sponsorships.

1. Social connection