Nokia transforms its approach to in-store marketing

Jo Bowman

Consumers typically spend a single second looking at point-of-sale marketing materials – and that is on the rare occasions when they actually notice this information exists at all. In response, brands must consider the "one-second rule" when seeking to reach their target audience in retail stores.

That was one of the key insights shared by Lynn Osbourne, head of shopper marketing development at Nokia, when she spoke about the company's new in-store communications strategy during The International Shopper Insights in Action Event, held in Prague in November 2013.

"Consumers talk about their phone being an extension of their arm. They say they would rather lose their wallet than their mobile phone," she said. "There's excitement and anticipation about upgrading, but the shopping experience isn't all that great."

Indeed, research has revealed that most people would prefer to go into a bank than a mobile phone store, Osbourne said. In a phone shop, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming, buyers often struggle to identify the differences between handsets, and many customers are faced with staff half their age using unfamiliar technical terminology.