Professional Services Marketing: An Oxymoron and an Irony

Laurie Young
Marketing and Professional Services Firm

The professional services industry is vast and varied. One estimate puts its revenues at $700 billion worldwide and another suggests that it employs up to one in five workers in the developed world. It encompasses a wide variety of businesses whose offer is based around specialist skills or knowledge.

They range from the marketing services industry, in all its forms, through executive search firms, recruitment agencies, education, training and coaching providers to consultancies with various specialties (some of which now form the growing services arms of publicly listed companies like IBM). Included are legal, accountancy, engineering and architectural practices. It comprises an array of medical practitioners such as private doctors, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, osteopaths and physiotherapists. There is also a variety of retail professionals such as hairdressers, veterinarians and estate agents, which range from single shops to large chains.