Orangina Schweppes – Gini Angel or Demon

Agency name: Punta Linea
Client name: Orangina Schweppes Belgium
Category: Brand-building



Gini is a Belgian brand and exists since 1971.

The brand is bottled and distributed by Orangina Schweppes Belgium. The company is a small player in the soft drink market with limited resources (marketing budget, sales & merchandising teams) in comparison with the larger internationally driven competitors.

The Market

The soft drink market is highly competitive; especially the Lemon & Ginger segment. This part of the market had been declining for several years already due to children preferring a sweeter flavour. Therefore, in 2008, Gini launched a new variant – “Passion” – in order to attract new consumers (especially youngsters who prefer a sweeter taste) and to compete with Fanta, which has a lot of variants including Lemon, Orange, World and South Africa.