Research Quality: Fast and Furious … or Much Ado About Nothing? Sub-Optimal Respondent Behavior and Data Quality

Randall K. Thomas

GfK Custom Research


The “Foundations of Quality 2” (FoQ 2) study, sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation, is a broad-based initiative seeking to understand how sampling, weighting, and respondent behavior affect the quality of survey results for Web-based respondents. In addition to the offering below, other initiatives in this project have focused on the effects of incentives and the extent of respondent duplication existing within online providers.

This paper focuses on how sub-optimal respondent behavior is related to response accuracy, summarizing the analyses of three commonly used indicators of sub-optimal response within the FoQ 2 study:

  • speeding;
  • grid non-differentiation; and
  • failure of compliance traps.