Call and Response, US Department of State: Slavery Footprint


Advertiser: Call and Response, US Department Of State
Brand: Call and Response, US Department of State
Country: USA


We set out to raise awareness of global modern day slavery. The US State Department had compiled the likely slavery quotient in hundreds of product categories and wanted us to create a survey so people could ascertain their own impact on the slavery.

The goal was to get 150,000 users to take the survey within one year. But how could we make it relevant?


Our fear was that the results of the survey would be abstract. If we told you your "slavery footprint" was 800, is that good or bad? What is your carbon footprint? Does anyone know?

Our strategy was to connect people, through their supply chain, to the far-away slavery that was enabling it. Furthermore, the challenges were:

  • To condense literally hundreds of questions into just a few.
  • To make it approachable, rather than just scary and depressing.
  • To make it highly relevant, understandable.

Creative approach