Are You Talking To Me?

How advertisers are communicating (or not) with women

Mary Lou Quinlan,
Just Ask A Woman

Welcome to 2000, the year when women’s voices rule the media. This month Oxygen Launches its much-publicized Internet site and cable network. By April, Hearst introduces Oprah, the magazine, and Time Inc. premiers Real Simple, the new guide to a simpler life. Satellite Sisters, a radio conversation among four real-life sisters, hits the NPR airwaves. Add this to the huge reach of Lifetime,, ivillage and the hundreds of broadcast and print properties either dedicated to women or totally embraced by them. Powerful.

So, if 2000 is the year that women drive content, isn’t it time advertisers caught up? Yes, caught up to modern women, the 51 percent plus of the population responsible for the success of most businesses. They’re a complex, demanding audience. Do you really understand them? And if you do, why is it that your ads look like you don’t?