IBM: Think

Ogilvy & Mather

Entry Information

Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: USA
Dates program started/ended: September 2011 – October 2011

Product Description:

IBM's Think Exhibit at Lincoln Center, NYC

Advertiser/Client Name: IBM
Media Channels: Other


Marketplace challenge:

As the culmination of its Centennial celebrations IBM created Think Exhibits' in 17 locations around the world. The largest of these was in Lincoln Center, New York City. It offered visitors hands-on interactive multi-media engagement with the history, beliefs and achievements of IBM.

For this spectacle to be a success we needed to drive attendance (the exhibit was free to enter, but Lincoln Center does not get a huge amount of passing traffic). We thus needed to publicize the exhibit to a city populace arguably more jaded than any other in the world. Not only that, because of tight budgets and timelines, we needed to break through the dense New York City clutter that is cost-effective.