American Media and the Smoking-related Behaviors of Asian Adolescents

Marvin E. Goldberg
The Pennsylvania State University

Worldwide distribution of television and movies as well as advertising has helped to create a global 'mediascape' largely shaped by American media giants (Appadurai, 1990). One product that is both heavily advertised abroad and also has a high presence in movies is cigarettes. This study considers the extent to which representation of cigarettes in movies and advertising plays a role in the smoking behaviors of adolescents overseas. More specifically, in a study with Hong Kong youth, we examine the relationship between: (1) level of exposure to American movies and videos, (2) exposure to/familiarity with American advertising for cigarettes, and (3) access to promotional products for cigarettes; and three smoking-related behaviors: (1) exploratory puffing, (2) cigarettes smoked in the last week, and (3) intentions to smoke in the future.