Duracell-powered auto rickshaws: Propelling Duracell into the fast lane

Gaurav Virkar, Neha Sadh and Husain Kapadia

Campaign details

Brand owner: Procter & Gamble
Agency: MediaCom India
Brand: Duracell
Country: India
Channels used: Online

Executive summary

Duracell's challenge lay in convincing Indian consumers that it did indeed give their gadgets a higher battery life as research had shown a lack of believability in the '10 times stronger' claim.

In a media first, the engines of auto rickshaws in key cities were superimposed with images so that it seemed as if the vehicle was running on Duracell batteries. This innovative use of what was an innovative medium led to a 300% increase in awareness and a surge in sales. The '10 times stronger' claim was firmly established for the Duracell brand.

Campaign background