Fiat Portal

Principal Author: Sebastian Kemmler, AKQA

This paper tells the story of how Fiat reacted most quickly and radically to the revolutionary change in consumer behaviour that the digital age has brought about, and thereby has managed to establish itself as a digital leader in the marketplace over the past three years.

Fiat understood earlier than any other competitor that the true potential of digital did not simply lie in being yet another medium to display advertising, but in directly changing behaviour. It identified the role of digital as a catalyser of conversion, turning slightly interested people into highly engaged and qualified leads.

Fiat broke with the age old linear purchase funnel model, by applying behavioural economics to nudge users to buy via a modular set of online tools that helped users pick and choose what they wanted at any time.

By engaging customers with a best-in-class car configurator, finance calculator, comparison tool and model exploration sections, Fiat managed to push the overall desirability of the brand and triple its conversion rate of users into qualified leads.