CBS Vision: Hawaii Five-0/Reboot


Re-boot a TV series to appeal to multiple generations of viewers where remakes had previously failed and skepticism prevailed among consumers and media. To achieve this, a strategically backed marketing plan needed to be created that would garner immediate appeal to both those familiar and unfamiliar with the original show.

The history of television remakes is almost as classic as the original series themselves. Despite numerous attempts to revive previously popular series – including ‘Knight Rider', ‘Bionic Woman', ‘Dragnet’ and ‘The Fugitive’ – to name a few, all of which had short runs and little success despite significant production costs and losses.

The level of difficulty involved in remaking a TV series is perhaps exemplified in NBC's launch of ‘Knight Rider'. The show premiered in Fall, 2008 with a full 22-episode order to remake the popular 1982 series. By the time NBC's 2009-2010 schedule was announced during the NBC upfront in May, 2009, it was no longer on the schedule and its original order had been reduced to 17 episodes. The NBC remake of the ‘Bionic Woman’ in 2007 was lauded as the hottest new show of the fall season – and was gone after just nine episodes.