Measuring Emotions: Is China Different?

Raimund Wildner
GfK-Nuernberg e.V., Germany

Laena Liu
GfK Custom Research, China


Emotions are a major topic in both marketing science and practice alike (c.f. Kroeber-Riel et al 2008, p.99). Emotional experiences shape peoples' attitudes towards brands and products. The pleasure of indulging in one's favorite chocolate bar, or the pride experienced when friends admire one's new mobile phone, strengthen our brand commitment. On the other hand, a positive brand relationship can be ruined through the anger caused by an unfriendly sales person or the frustration at spending endless time in the waiting loop of a service hotline. In short, emotions continuously affect brand differentiation and long-term brand commitment (cf. Keller 2008). In his seminal work “Visual Communication”, Kroeber-Riel (1993, p. 155 ff.) presents numerous examples of both highly successful and weak emotional stimuli in advertising, and explains their effects on brand perception and brand attitude.