David Cornfield Melanoma Fund: Dear 16-year-old me

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Melanoma is the second most common cancer in teenagers and young adults1. Reduce your exposure to UV radiation, and you can minimise your risk. Catch it early, and the prognosis can be positive. But that's easier said than understood.

Despite the danger it poses to young people, lack of awareness means melanoma is often seen as a lesser threat compared to other cancers. So much so that when David Cornfield, a young man of 29, was first diagnosed, a lifelong friend commented: 'Thank god it's skin cancer'.

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund (DCMF), a charity set up in his memory, aims to save lives by promoting awareness of this particular cancer. They came to us with the express mission of spreading the word to Canadians, mitigating risky behaviour which increases the risk of melanoma amongst teens (tanning on sun-beds, for example), and encouraging self-checking to aid early diagnosis.