Illinois Lottery: Bring back your dreams

Energy BBDO


Our challenge was to reinvigorate the Illinois Lottery’s “Second Chance” summer promotion. This annual promotion is essentially about losing, because it tries to encourage lottery players to replay their old, non-winning tickets for a chance to win $35,000 each weekday during the summer. Unfortunately, the Second Chance promotion had been in decline for three straight years, and we were facing negative economic factors which were hindering lottery sales in general.

Through primary research and a reanalysis of existing research, we uncovered two great creative insights: (1) for players, the #1 problem with the lottery is that they are disappointed when they don’t win (Source: ISL Agency Proprietary Problem Detection Study, December 2008), and (2) that across all lottery players – both light and heavy players – everyone plays the lottery to dream (Source: Ipsos Reid ISL Segmentation Findings, 2006). And, if we focused on the dreaming that these people do when they play, we could overcome the disappointment of losing, and, in turn, motivate all players to get involved.