The Effectiveness of Using a Global Look in an Asian Market

Chingching Chang
National Chengchi University

Enhancing the global appeal of products is an important strategy for marketing across national boundaries (Steenkamp, Batra, and Alden, 2003). The perceived “globalness” of a product, namely its international appeal, adds value to a brand (Steenkamp, Batra, and Alden, 2003). This study argues that there are two effective ways to enhance the global perceptions of a brand when marketing in East Asia. For most consumers in East Asian countries (including Taiwan), a Western look is synonymous with a global look. English brand names also signal the global quality of a brand. Therefore, this article explores the use of Western models and English brand names as two strategies for achieving a global look in advertising.

There are two common situations where marketers would like to convey a global appearance for their products. First, with standard marketing strategies, multinational companies from developed Western countries often feature Western models in their advertising campaigns and retain their original brand names, which are often in English. Second, local marketers sometimes feature Western models in their advertising and adopt English brand names as strategic attempts to increase the perceived globalness of their products and to capitalize on being perceived as global.