Ford of Europe: Ford Fiesta Launch - ‘This is now’

The small car segment is important because it's both an entry point to a car marque and the segment where buyers are most impulsive and open to trying new brands.

After 30 years the Ford Fiesta had become typecast as dull and had the oldest age profile among small cars. Attracting younger buyers is vital for driving desirability, and desirability drives greater revenue and profit. Desirability makes a buyer add more cost options, haggle less and buy again.

In October 2008 the Mk VI Ford Fiesta was launched with a campaign called ‘This is now’ designed to attract fashion-conscious, digital-native younger buyers and the older mass market who wanted to be them. Like the car, the campaign's substance was style.

It propelled Fiesta from No.5 to No.1 small car in Europe, pushing revenue per car up 12.5%. This was achieved with greater media efficiency and produced a strong ROMI of €3.41 revenue per €1 media invested; i.e $1.07 billion extra revenue.


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