Honda Insight: Less is More

Category: Best Strategic Thinking
Agency: Sugar Advertising
Client: Honda New Zealand


The challenge was to launch Honda's new hybrid, against the unrivalled category leader Toyota Prius, to achieve an aggressive sales target. The breakthrough came when Sugar Advertising redefined the market parameters, choosing to forsake the Honda Insight's incredible new technology and position it foremost as a hatch, bucking the international strategy.

The ‘Less is More’ campaign positioned the Insight as the world's most advanced hatch, costing 40% less to run than its peers. This simple compelling strategy saw Honda take a 6.3% share of the small hatch market and smash sales targets by 12.4%.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives

Hit hard by the global economic recession, the New Zealand new car sales market was at a historically low base in early 2010. In this tough, highly competitive environment, Honda New Zealand was tasked with launching the new Honda Insight.