Royal Mail: Not a Stress Ball

Proximity London


Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: UK
Date program started/ended: September 2008

Product Description: Royal Mail's Fulfilment Services

Advertiser/Client Name: Royal Mail
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

To Mailroom Managers using more of Royal Mail's range of fulfillment services.

Target audience: Business-to-Business

Mailroom Managers, they are the people on the front line who get it in the neck if packages are delivered late, or lost. We targeted Mailroom Managers in the top 10% of companies on our database in order get them to increase their usage of our product range.

Size of target audience: 50,000-999,999

Marketing strategy:

Royal Mail previously only spoke to Mailroom Managers about their 'hero' product - Special Delivery. To deliver more revenue for the business we created the first of a series of communications to raise awareness of Royal Mail's full range via a portfolio mailing. The objective was to deliver an ambitious ROI of 4.5:1 against Special Delivery campaigns which were starting to deliver poor ROI's of <2:1

Marketing Tactics: