Vicks DayQuil and Vicks NyQuil: In the NFL, there are no sick days

Business Situation and Campaign Objectives

Growing an 118 Year Old Brand in a Flat Category without Product Innovation

Although more than 90% of the population claims to experience cold and flu symptoms every year (Source: Vicks Habits & Practices Study), most consumers would rather never have to engage with the cold, cough, flu (CCF) remedy category. Establishing a relationship with consumers in a category in which they don't want to participate poses a challenge, especially with a crowded shelf offering options from FDA monographed products to homeopathic remedies. Private label is frequently shelved to create a checker-board effect among the national brands, further confusing the shelf, and now represents 25% of category dollar sales, up from 22.8% (Source – MMR/February 21, 2011 and IRI/Symphony data). Away from shelf it's increasingly difficult for national brands to break through because advertisers know there's only 5-6 months of "prime time" to secure consumers in this category: the cold season.