Books that influenced me

Barry Cupples
Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific

Barry CupplesBarry Cupples embarked on his media career at Grey London in 1987. In 1995, he was appointed as a board director for Omnicom in Eastern Europe. He left in 2000 to establish a content and sports rights company in partnership with Kirche Gruppe, Germany. He rejoined Omnicom in 2001 as CEO of OMD Central and Eastern Europe. Under his management, OMD grew its position as the lead billing agency within the region.

1. The Guinness Book of Records
first published by Jim Pattison Group, 1955

My mother bought this for me as a Christmas present at age 12 and I sat glued to it until Easter came and chocolate deflected the interest. I had barely graduated from the world of comics when I received it and I marvelled at the facts and statistics conveyed by the record breakers. A simple book, but one with a clear message to me early in life, that 'nothing is impossible', long before the boys at the sports apparel company coined the term globally.