Advocracy – Harnessing the Power of the Consumer: Creating a Marketing Program to Encourage Online and Offline Advocacy

Stephen Phillips

Catherine Willis


This paper reviews the creation of a new model of advocacy, how this new model was used and the insight stemming from it to create an advocacy led marketing program for LG Electronics in the United States.


The project was initiated by the digital marketing team within LG Electronics US who wanted to create a digital advocacy program. They needed a thorough understanding of the new ways people talk about and advocate for brands as well as to further ideas on how to encourage these types of conversations about LG, both on and offline.

The overall objective was to understand more about post purchase advocacy in order to create mechanisms to encourage it among LG owners and to come up with a marketing campaign for advocacy. LG Electronics challenged Spring Research to look specifically at advocacy, to get to the crux of what really happens when someone becomes an advocate – to look back at what was known about advocacy and to move it further.