Samsung Galaxy Camera: This is my moment, brought live to you

YouLi Hooi, Andrea Samuel and Rajesh Mahtani

Campaign details

Brand owner: Samsung
Agency: Starcom
Brand: Samsung Galaxy Camera
Country: Malaysia
Channels used: Internet – display, Internet – general, Internet – microsites, widgets, Magazines – consumer, Print – general, unspecified, Television
Media budget: 1 – 3 million

Executive summary

Samsung, a technology leader, had to lead a new category in cameras – 'the connected camera' – which had little to offer over and above a regular digital camera, with the exception of a sharing function to social sites. Millennials, our target audience, live in the moment. They capture simple everyday moments and their immediate environments in photos, like their lunchtime meals, shopping items etc. Samsung brought this phenomenon to life and owned the space of capturing everyday moments by making their media communications capture and communicate live, real-time moments from our consumers. Consumers began to see a real use for Samsung's connected camera. As a result this drove and overachieved sales target.

Market background and business objectives