IAB Future Trends Volume 5: The future of content

Stuart Aitken


  • Behave like a media owner
    Rohan Tambyrajah, Global Innovation Director at PHD/Unilever, analyses what happens when brands adopt the properties of a media owner.

  • Personalised content: Where next?
    Karen Canty, Head of News at Future Foundation, examines what the future looks like for addressable and personalised content.

  • This is going to go viral!
    Stuart Aitken, Editorial Manager at the IAB UK, wonders whether in today's hyper-connected world content can be "organically" shared – or whether this sharing always has to be "engineered".

  • The future of creativity
    Chris Buckley, Director of Social Engagement at TMW, assesses how addressable and targeted content will impact the way brands and their agencies create content.