IBM Embraces 'Jeopardy' In Sponsorship Extension

Geoffrey Precourt

Sponsorship programs for global business-to-business companies have to operate on a high plane. Their primary objective is not creating a database of names and numbers for future points of reference. Nor is it to cast a wide net to see what unexpected results pop up.

John Kennedy, vp/corporate marketing, IBM, told a keynote audience at the 2011 IEG Sponsorship Conference in Chicago, that IBM uses sponsorship programs directed to a group of "surgically selected" clients and prospects with the goal of "immersion, not impressions."

Kennedy told delegates: "IBM is working hard to make its sponsorships work harder. Unlike a business-to-consumer category, the process of convincing an enterprise to run its business on new software or… to move from one set of hardware to a completely different set—these are risky decisions."