Holland 2.0: Assessing a social media strategy for the promotion of Holland

Marieke Politiek, Anke ten Velde
Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Jos Vink
Blauw Research, Netherlands


In the last few years, organisations have realised the potential that social media offer as a way of communicating their messages and helping to deliver their marketing strategies. Equally, we as researchers have been focussing on the potential of social media as a new source of information for understanding consumer behaviour. This has prompted the development of automated 'social media analysers' that can monitor the volume, reach and sentiment of what's being said on Facebook, Twitter, etc. In this paper, Blauw Research demonstrates that the measurement of these KPIs is not only insufficient but can lead to erroneous conclusions, and that traditional analysis techniques are essential if meaningful and actionable conclusions are to be obtained from the analysis of social media content.