AkzoNobel Paints: Cultural insights

Sarah King, Amy Tomkins, Elisa Birtwistle, Bill Marshall and Nathan Taylor
The Futures Company and AkzoNobel


AkzoNobel approached us with a dream brief: the ambition to create a global bank of cultural insight to underpin their existing consumer, category and brand understanding. We devised a scalable and innovative methodology to develop a rich insight resource and opportunity platforms for each market, with China as our pilot.

Our methodology enabled us to create and refine hypotheses, using AkzoNobel's existing insight, our Global MONITOR trends data and fresh insight from cultural experts to identify areas defining the relationship with home décor that we could explore directly with consumers. Using an online methodology, we elicited more reflective and revealing answers from Chinese consumers than we would have face-to-face, given the sensitivities surrounding freedom of expression in China.