Agency: BMP DDB Needham Author: Jane Gapper

Accidents will happen: Making it possible to be wise after the event


It is a little known and alarming fact that 34.5% of all women can be expected to have at least one abortion in their lifetime (Source 1). This is perhaps less surprising when one considers that surveys suggest that between one third and one half of all conceptions are unplanned, and that as a result as many as 20% of conceptions end in legal abortion.

190,600 abortions were performed in Great Britain in 1991, representing a 43% rise since 1971. The increase was mainly among single women, who accounted for 67% of abortions in 1991 as opposed to 48% in 1971 (Source 2). Almost 50% of abortions are now among women aged under 24, with the highest incidence among 20 to 24s. (Source 3)