American Cancer Society: Advantage Humans

Agency: DDB Chicago


Cancer as we know it cannot be cured. The war will never end; the fight will continue on. Once we'd been humbled by this truth, we executed a strategy for the American Cancer Society that is now effectively redefining what success looks like in that war.

After many years of contributing to, and following the conventional approach, we knew we had look at a totally different way of fueling optimism and building hope. This story is about Advantage Humans - the beginning of an end in some ways, but the start of a new direction for the 103 year-old brand.

The first campaign set the stage by showcasing the many human traits that prove that mankind's most powerful weapon against cancer is humanity itself. The campaign is already working, not only by earning back the attention of a fatigued public, but by motivating more people to donate to the age-old institution once again.