Creating Competitive Intellectual Capital: The Henkel Case

Hans-Willi Schroiff
International Market Research, Henkel, Germany.


Let me ask you one crucial question first: How many of you are working in a company where less than 30% of the revenues are coming from your domestic market and the rest is coming from all over the world?

The reason why I am asking this question is quite obvious. Those of you who predominantly gain profits from the huge domestic market - e.g. as in the United States - might find some parts of my paper puzzling. Why should you want to harmonize your databases, why look at whether measure definitions are the same across countries, why try to integrate information across different sources, etc. Are we not getting it that way anyhow? So why bother?

Let me tell you that in for a global company such as Henkel the situation is different, particularly as Europe is not yet a unified whole, and languages and cultural contexts including markets are quite different.