Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand: Influencers campaign

Category: Social Marketing / Public Service
Hardest Challenge
Best Strategic Thinking
Agency: DraftFCB
Client: Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC)


New Zealand has a culture of binge-drinking. Alcohol is a common and significant factor in violent crimes and weekend Accident and Emergency admissions, and harmful alcohol use causes over 1,000 deaths and costs the country billions of dollars every year.

Moving from influencing perceptions to changing behaviour, this campaign not only raised awareness of the problem, but for the first time addressed what people could do to change New Zealand's binge-drinking culture.

Marketing Challenge & Objectives

In a culture where it is difficult to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own drinking, the challenges of this campaign were three-fold: it had to make it socially acceptable to intervene in others' drinking habits while simultaneously encouraging people to take action and educating them how to do it. To overcome these challenges, Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) needed a clear understanding of the barriers to behaviour change.